Grandmaster Chen Yun Ching’s Birthday

A message from Terry Price:

On June 3rd, The Laughing Dragon Academy will celebrate Grandmaster Chen Yun Ching’s Birthday, and though we wish we could be there in person to celebrate with him face to face, life has other plans. So we send him our deepest heart felt wishes for health, happiness and long life and hope he is surrounded with family and friends who will make it a wonderful day.

Recently, I viewed a clip on Facebook of an Australian television news interview featuring Dan Djurdjevic, my Ling Yun Pai Brother. At one point the interviewer asked why Dan taught the things he did, and Dan’s response really hit home. He told the reporter, and I’m paraphrasing, that he had taken an oath to spread the Chen Pan Ling System and keep the internal arts alive. So, I think that the best Birthday gift that I, and everyone else who took that same oath to become an indoor student of our Shifu, Grandmaster Chen Yun Ching, is to hold true to that promise and remember that we are part of very big family indeed. Happy Birthday Shifu.


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