About Terry Price


Shifu Terry Price has been practicing martial arts since 1974.  He began his training in Kenpo with Shihan Donald J. Bittner, attaining the level of 2nd Degree Black Belt.  He studied Chen Man Ching style Taiji Quan with Larry Mann and Benjamin Lo, and he learned the Chen Pan Ling style of Taiji Quan from Mr. David Lu.  He has continued his advanced training with Chen Pan Ling’s son and lineage holder, Chen Yun Ching, who accepted him as an “inner door student” during a traditional Bai Shi (拜师) ceremony 7 years ago.  He opened The Laughing Dragon Academy of Internal Martial Arts in 1998, where he continues to teach the comprehensive Chen Pan Ling martial arts curriculum, which includes Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi, push hands and weapons forms.

Taijiquan Lineage