About the School

Located in Chesapeake, Virginia, the Laughing Dragon Academy of Internal Martial Arts is a school established to promote the health, discipline, skill, and cultural aspects of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

Classes taught by Sifu Terry Price encompass all ages and levels. Our classes are structured to help you develop flexibility, relaxation, balance and strength while avoiding injuries. Instruction includes an extensive stretching routine, meditation stances and push hands, all in conjunction with learning the traditional forms.

Master Chen Pan Ling

At Laughing Dragon Academy, we teach the traditional Chen Pan Ling 99 Posture Tai Chi Form, Swimming Dragon Ba Gua, Hsing-I, as well as Tai Chi Jian (straight sword) and Tai Chi Dao (broad sword) forms with the understanding of Yin and Yang in relation to the body and mind. Every session you will receive personal attention in a friendly, relaxing, encouraging class atmosphere.

Chen Yun Ching Logo

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