First Online Taijiquan Class – 4/28/2020

Shifu Terry Price will be holding a Tuesday evening class online via Zoom!

Date:  Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Time:  7:00 pm
Duration:  40 minutes

The first class will be on the first two exercises in the Ba Duan Jin and a Grasp Birds Tail Drill in Eight Directions.  Because of the time limit of 40 minutes, the class will be getting right into things after a brief greeting.  Also, if any questions arise during the session, please write then down and send them to Shifu Terry via text, email or by using the Q & A forum on the Laughing Dragon Academy website.

People who are not subscribed to the VMAC email announcement list need to call Diana Hammond at (757) 483-0195 to be put on the list in order to receive weekly registration information about classes (please call during business hours).

If you need to install Zoom on your home computer or mobile device, here are some helpful links:

Zoom download page:

A video covering the download process to a home computer:

A video covering the download process on an android device:

A video covering the download process on an iPhone:

Hope to see you online this Tuesday evening!

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