Seeking Taiji Stick Form Information

Recently, some leaflets were found in the back of a 1974 Chinese language version of “Chen Panling’s Taijiquan Textbook” (中華國術太極拳教材 陳泮嶺著). See gallery below:

While the leaflet printed in red is obviously a list of the 99 Taijiquan form’s postures, the other two pages seem to describe a Taiji stick form.  The smallest leaflet is the size of a postcard, and looks to be a miniature version of a larger poster.  The largest leaflet has a handwritten list of the postures titles described on the miniature poster.  Has anyone ever encountered these handouts in any other printings of the book?  The first 24 postures seem like the standard 24 step stick form practiced by many schools.  They are also similar to the 24 step stick form found in “The Complete Works of Chen Pan Ling’s Chinese Martial Arts Teaching Teachings” (中華國術教材全集 陳泮嶺傳授) .

Note that this is NOT the “Thunder Stick” form that Master Chen Yun Ching taught worldwide for 10 years and documented on the “Thunders Stick Form & Function” DVD.  Although both forms contain chops, stabs, sweeps, etc., it is not the same form.

The Taiji stick form found on the poster is also much longer than any other Taiji stick form found online, and the titles of each posture are Chinese idioms that are usually associated with sword forms.  A translation of the postures on the poster can be found here.  If anyone has found these or any other extra materials in 1963, 1968 or 1974 Chen Panling Taiji books, please let us know!

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  1. Thank you to those who responded to our request for help…it is greatly appreciated! It seems that it was compiled by 林肇海 (Lin Zhaohai) from Fuzhou, who taught the Wu style in Taiwan. I also found a Bagua poster attributed to him that has the same format as the Taiji Stick poster!

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